“Nailed to the cross, over and over again. Wasn’t once enough?”

Jesus is nailed to the crossLent invites us to reflect in a special way on a person’s love that was so totally complete and unconditional that it eventually led to his demise. Lent is also a time when we as Christians are called to examine our commitment to God’s invitation to follow Jesus. We are invited to journey with Jesus and some of his companions during the more painful times of his life while we ask ourselves, “Do I contribute to the continuous nailing of Jesus to the cross, over and over again, by my actions or omissions in life?”

Thursday, April 3, 2014
6 to 6:30 PM, 2nd. floor church

Facilitator: Fr. Joe Quinn, OFM (Director of Grief Ministry)
Music: Jennifer Galea (Director of Music Ministry)

All are Welcome! No registrations necessary.

Offered by the Franciscan Adult School