Join us by searching for “Shrine Boston” on Instagram.  Instagram is a social media site where we will be able to post photos at anytime that everyone can actually see the different events happening around the Shrine.  We have decided that Friday’s are going to be our “Friar Friday”.

This day will be all about the Friars here at the Shrine and we will be picking one Friar every Friday and dedicating the post to him for something that he has done throughout the week or months leading up to that day.

Each post will include a photo of the Friar being named on “Friar Friday” or the Friar of the week, if you will.  Now whether it be a serious or humorous photo, we will include a short description of the work that the Friar has done. This is just a fun way to keep you updated on the things happening around the Shrine and the amount of good that the Friars do day in and day out.

If you have any questions at all about Instagram please contact John Kendall, Associate Director of IT and Social Media, at 617-338-5387 or [email protected]Instagram Logo