Gerald O’Connell of America provides a summary of the pope’s interview about the Church’s Synod on the Family in October of this year.

“Pope Francis pointed out that ‘nobody spoke about homosexual marriage in the synod, it didn’t occur to us. What we spoke about was how a family that has a homosexual son or daughter, how can they educate him/ her, how can they raise her/him, how can this family be helped to move forward in this situation which is a little unprecedented. So in the synod they spoke about the family and homosexual persons in relation to their families, because it is a reality that we encounter many times in the confessional’.  So the synod has to see ‘how to help this father or this mother who accompanies this son or daughter.”

It is in this spirit that we at St. Anthony Shrine choose to minister to the pastoral needs of the LGBT community and their parents.  What follows is a letter from a parent to Fr. Joe Quinn, OFM.

LGBT Letter 

From a parent in the Arch Street Worship Community