St. Anthony’s Shrine has recently finished a major technology upgrade to the internal network systems. After installing state of the art firewalls, switches, fiber optic connections, and wireless devices, users can be assured they are now getting the fastest and most secure internet available.  The brand new wireless system utilizes the latest features of Wi-Fi technology paired with the latest in encryption protocols to ensure that St. Anthony’s Shrine members have secure high-speed Wi-Fi throughout the building.  This new system ensures that our network will be able to continue operating at peak efficiently for many years to come.

TeamLogic IT has been St. Anthony Shrine’s IT consultant of choice for approximately 4 years now. TeamLogic IT is a family owned and operated IT service company located in Woburn, Massachusetts. They are not just a vendor, but a true partner when it comes to technology planning and implementation.

“Having worked with TeamLogic IT over the past year or so, I have learned so much and couldn’t ask for more reliable, knowledgeable and professional company to work with,” John Kendall, Director of Information Technology and Web Content for St. Anthony Shrine.