About 15 people in their twenties and thirties met up after the evening masses at the Shrine on November 8th for the Young Adult Group’s Monthly Second Sunday Social.  In addition to feasting on crackers, cheese, wine, Sam Adams October Fest and Pumpkin Patch — as well as some pretty good pies from Crush Pizza–we all got brought up to speed on what was happening for 20s and 30s at the Shrine.  Upcoming events include the monthly “Jesus in Boston” young adult event at St. Leonard’s Church on November 13th, an upcoming dinner and baking session with the friars, manning the tables at the Shrine’s Holiday Craft Fair on November 22nd, the Bible Study Group that will be starting in the next few weeks, and an Advent evening of reflection with Fr. Emeric, OFM.  
The next Second Sunday Social is scheduled for, well, the Second Sunday in December: December 13th.  More details on this, and all the events can be found on the 20s/ 30s website (https://stanthonyshrine.org/ministries/young-adults-20s30s-boston/),  on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/20s30sBoston/), or by emailing us  [email protected].