Winthrop Square Proposal

I thought that I would add a few clarifying points about the Winthrop Square Development project:

1. The friars are absolutely committed to working in downtown Boston.

2. There are a large number of approvals that would have to happen in order for the proposal involving the Shrine to come to fruition. None of that work has happened yet; anyone who leads you to believe that decisions have already been made is misinformed. I expect the process to be slow, deliberate and transparent. Once all of the approvals are in place, construction itself would probably take four or five years.

3. In addition to our proposal, there are seven other proposals which are no doubt worthy of consideration.

4. The friars have not yet discussed among ourselves the worthiness of the proposal involving the Shrine. That will happen in time should the BRA show interest in it.

5. We are by no means anxious to move out of the current sacred space. We just finished a great HVAC project in the building. The current space has a terrific history and is truly holy ground. Having said that, over time we will continue to consider the advantages and disadvantages of alternative sites for our work for the Church in downtown Boston.

Fr. Thomas Conway, OFM
Executive Director

This morning’s Boston Globe Article: