My name is Laura Sikora and I am going to be a junior at Newbury College.  I became very interested in St. Anthony Shrine because of all it has to offer.  Not a day goes by where there aren’t a million things to do and people to help.  It’s a very fun environment and always a happy place.  One of the best days that I’ve had interning here was on June 13th, St. Anthony Feast Day.  The week before we were extremely busy, stuffing, stacking and counting.  The Feast Day is all about giving bread to everyone that walks by you and showing them what St. Anthony was about and carrying on his legend.  As you can see from the picture below the Friars went down to Downtown Crossing and handed out a bag filled with bread and information about the Shrine and St. Anthony to people walking by on the streets.  Many people stopped by just to say hi to the Friars because they knew them.  The picture below shows Father Ronald handing out bread to street walkers.


Having my office in the development department I get to see Father Ronald on a daily basis.  Not only is he one of the more charismatic Friars but from the way he interacted with people on the street he showed me that everyone needs St. Anthony in there life and that all are welcomed. Overall for my first full week working at the Shrine was very hectic and busy, but filled with fun, love and caring people.