This past week I helped out with the Bread on the Common ministry. Bread on the Common takes place every second and fourth Wednesday of the month. Mary Ann Ponti, the Director of Outreach at the Shrine, leads about 15 volunteers in providing food to the homeless population around Downtown Boston. I didn’t realize how rewarding volunteering can be until I saw what this ministry actually does for people, and how happy it makes those who it reaches. We started by making bags to hand out, full of sandwiches, fruit, water, cookies, and socks. Then split up into groups, and made our way to the Common. I’ve never seen people get more excited than some of the homeless people when we told them the food was free, and for them. Even a pair of socks made people smile. Seeing all these people and their reactions to such simple things made me realize how fortunate I am for everything I have in my life. It also made me want to help people more. I felt bad when I ran out of food for people, and wished there was something more I could do or give to help these people. Talking to some of the people to, and getting to know them only made me want to help more.

This was the first time I’ve gone to the Bread on the Common Ministry, and I’m already looking forward to the next time I can go.

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