Pope Francis with El Grupo Oracion

My name is Kary Suazo and I am a senior at College of the Holy Cross. This past Sunday I was able to start working with the Latinx Ministry here at Saint Anthony Shrine. It was such an amazing experience meeting everyone for the first time. Instead of feeling out of place because I did not know anybody, I felt welcomed and invited. As soon as I stepped in to help they all took me in and told me about how happy there were to have me there with them. This experience meant a lot to me because I met a lot of people who care about the same social issues that I care about. I felt right at home when issues of immigration were brought up or when someone came up to me and started speaking in Spanish. The Latinx Ministry is definitely one full of joy and laughter and one I will enjoy participating in.

I think Saint Anthony Shrine does a wonderful job at including diverse groups of people into the church. The Latinx community adds so much to the shrine with all the rich culture and background and it is wonderful seeing this firsthand.