St. Anthony Shrine is a great place to be during the fall.  As the leaves are changing colors so are the decorations at the Shrine.  The weather is getting colder but the hearts here at the Shrine are still as warm as a hot summer’s day.  Being in school and working is a hard thing to balance but the Shrine makes it easy.  Having so much to do all of the time, the Shrine is very flexible when it comes to students working.  I am very blessed to be working at a place where I am welcomed, no matter when I come in.  With a hectic and full semester load, and midterm season upon us, I struggle with getting all of my school work and working at the Shrine.  I am always welcomed whenever I can come, and I always make time in my week to see all of the smiling faces here at St. Anthony’s.  One of my favorite parts is walking in the office and seeing Br. Daniel.  I always say good morning! And (hopefully) he will say it back.  He never turns down an opportunity to crack a joke and a smile.  As my work here continues throughout the fall, I am grateful for all of the people that the Shrine has given me the opportunity to work with and surround myself with. One of the big events we are currently working is the #GivingTuesday campaign.  #GivingTuesday is the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, is a global day of giving donations to nonprofit organizations.  This year, St. Anthony Shrine hopes to raise $300K!  For more information you can visit,