May the joy of the Risen Lord be in your heart today.

I probably do not speak the actual words often enough, but the mantra playing in my head for much of the week is “I love my job.” I love everything about it: the volunteers at the Shrine, the staff, the friars, the worshipers, the other folks who suddenly appear to help out at the Shrine in various ways. I love the interesting work at the Shrine: solving administrative issues, presiding at liturgical services, attending donor relations events, and coaching and being coached by people all day long. I like wearing a habit at the Shrine(and occasionally out in the world) and I like watching all of the positive reactions that it evokes in people. I continue to get a great education in many areas: Discipleship, leadership, banking, accounting, technology, fundraising, liturgical music, human resources, spirituality, mechanical services, counseling, food services, social work, pastoral care. Different people teach me different things. Also, as a person who has lived most of his life in New York, Maryland, and New Jersey, I love that I’m now living in Boston. This place is the best! Finally, the best life lessons are those involving people and our life with God: lessons of love and forgiveness, faith and friendship, loyalty and dedication. Many of the people attached to the Shrine are giants of the spiritual life. I am grateful for your generous spirit and your inspirational example.

Fr. Tom Conway OFM 1

Thomas Conway, OFM
Executive Director