On Monday, June 10 from 12:15-1 PM the Shrine will host a representative from The Franciscan Childrens’ Hospital to talk about mental health awareness in Children and adolescents. This event is free to all. Bring your own lunch and learn more. This event is part of the Archdiocese and Franciscan Children’s Kids Healthy Minds Initiative.

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Why Kids?
20% of children and adolescents in the US have a mental illness. Failure to detect and treat youth mental illness early can have significant negative consequences including failure in school, substance abuse, suicide, unemployment and early involvement in the criminal justice system.

What Needs to be Done?
• Increase community awareness about the youth mental health crisis.
• Teach people about the early warning signs of mental illness in youth.
• Decrease the stigma and misconceptions surrounding mental illness and its treatment.

Who Should Attend?
Everyone in your community! Clergy, parish personnel, school staff including principals, teachers, counselors, nurses and, most importantly, all parents and grandparents, need to be informed to best support our youth.
Once adults of the community are educated, education sessions tailored to the youth will be offered.

Why Should I Attend?
We are all touched by mental illness. Whether or not you have or know a child challenged by mental illness, the entire community can benefit from learning the facts about this disease. Our own attitudes and beliefs are shaped by personal knowledge and experiences. Only through education can a community come together to help eradicate the stigma associated with mental illness and better support the children and their families who are affected by this disease. Your attendance at one meeting can make a tremendous difference.

Please join us!