Thank you for supporting my run!

Brendan Hughes

Brendan HughesSt. Anthony Shrine has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, beginning when I was very young and a trip downtown with my parents would begin or end with a Mass, to today when the Shrine has become a place where extended family and friends gather weekly to worship and check in with one another. I have long admired the work that the Friars do, helping to see to both the spiritual and material needs of all people downtown, and in a small way wanted to help support that work by fundraising as part of the Shrine’s Falmouth Road Race team. I have been an on-and-off road runner for 25 years, but in the last few years have run in several half marathons, 10K, and five-mile road races mainly around New England. This will be my first Falmouth Road Race and I am looking forward to competing in this storied event!

Your gift towards my race will help support the important work of the Shrine.

$1,000 – can cover the costs of the Monthly Luncheon for Veterans at St. Anthony Shrine. Whether they are homeless or transitioning into independent living, our veterans need support and a sense of community. These monthly luncheons are a bright spot of friendship and human connection.

$500 – can provide essentials like beverages and sunscreen during the summer and hand warmers during the winter. All year round there is a need for socks and various pharmacy items to help someone get through the day, while the Shrine builds a trusting relationship with him/her.

$250 – can provide get-away bags for women in imminent danger from traffickers – a three-day supply of clothing, toiletries, drinks, snacks, and gift cards.

$100 – Can help buy gift cards to provide dignity to someone with no money to be a customer in a Dunkin Donuts or McDonald’s. This will allow each person to escape the cold and the elements and use a restroom.

$50 – can provide new shoes in order to protect someone’s feet from the elements year-round.

$25 – can provide hats and gloves to give out during the winter.

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