St. Anthony’s Feast Day – ‘Bread Day’


These past four weeks at the Shrine have significantly increased my understanding about the dynamics of the city of Boston, and more broadly, the dynamics of the United States in general. As someone who lived on the South Shore of Massachusetts her entire life, I was never aware of the drastic differences in socioeconomic status

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My First Few Days


One word that describes my first week at St. Anthony Shrine is unexpected. I came into work on Wednesday morning, never having been to the Shrine, and was amazed. From the outside, the building looked like every other “normal” building. As I stepped inside, I felt as if I was entering a totally different atmosphere.

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Intern Insight – A Grateful Farewell


When I began my summer internship at St. Anthony Shrine, I did not expect to forge such strong relationships as those I have within this community. As I prepare to head back to Boston College next week for my senior year, I leave behind not only a summer of exciting work experience, but friendships that

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Intern Insight – Last Day at the Shrine


It seems like only yesterday I was finding my way around the building and desperately trying to remember all of the information I had been told on orientation day. Since then, I have really enjoyed discovering some of the many special aspects of the Shrine. One part of my internship was devoted to working up

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Intern Insight – The Lazarus Ministry


A few weeks ago at the Shrine, we held a funeral for a man by the name of David Sanjurjo. It being a random Wednesday at work, I had not come into the office prepared for a funeral. As part of our Lazarus ministry here at the Shrine, we offer funeral services and proper burials

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Adiós Hermano Juan


I met Br. Juan de la Cruz Turcios on my first day at Saint Anthony Shrine. He was very memorable among the many people I met that day because he started dancing after we were all introduced. I didn’t realize it then but this is pretty normal occurrence for Br. Juan. If you have seen

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Intern Insight – A Busy Week at the Shrine


There is a constant flow of activity at the Shrine. Yet again, I have found that it is very difficult to choose one topic to write about in my biweekly blog post as there have been so many noteworthy moments. The following are just a few of of the events from past weeks. Saint Anthony Shrine

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Intern Insights – The Bigger Picture


In the past few weeks at the Shrine, things have been business as usual, working in the office and completing small, but important, tasks. While it is easy to think of the Shrine in terms of big events such as the Feast Day or our Friends of the Shrine Pasta Dinner, I’ve realized the equivalent

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Intern Insights – A Lesson Learned


During these past four weeks at Saint Anthony Shrine, I have had a plethora of wonderful experiences very worthy of sharing in my Intern Insight post. As Christians, we are taught to love and serve those who are in need. Saint Paul wrote: “Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good.

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Intern Insights – A Reflection on the Feast of St. Anthony


While I have been thoroughly enjoying my time at the Shrine thus far, Tuesday, June 13th was absolutely the best day I have spent here this summer. As it was the Feast of St. Anthony, I spent the morning in the lobby of the Shrine, greeting visitors, handing out blessed bread, and taking donations. Given

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