What Participants Have Said About the Retreat:

[box type=”shadow”][quote]Incredible, just incredible…I am exhausted and teary, but so grateful to have participated in this weekend…. I can’t put everything into words right now, but all I can say is that this entire ministry is Spirit-filled and Spirit-inspired…. many lives were touched…beginning with the three of us…[/quote][/box]

[box type=”shadow”][quote]I cannot tell you how many times I have stood in front of the Pieta here at the Shrine and other places—more than a thousand—and said, “Only you truly understand what this feels like.”  It was the grace of God and the Holy Spirit that the Friars started this ministry.  My prayers are with you.  I feel as though all of those children honored today were totally at peace and with us in spirit.[/quote][/box]

[box type=”shadow”][quote]Profound—the stories I heard.  I liked our group of men only, which is the first time I had done this.  I did not know how well the Friars could sing.  Placing our notes on the altar was wonderful.[/quote][/box]

[box type=”shadow”][quote]A truly wonderful experience—no answers as to the “why” this happened and that’s ok—so good to be with those “who get it.”  My faith was dim, but with a little help and this retreat, the light, as with my son’s candle, has begun to shine again.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.[/quote][/box]

[box type=”shadow”][quote]Thank you so much for a wonderful retreat. I came away not with answers but with a feeling of camaraderie & spiritual renewal   Please continue your good works in this program. We know this is a club no one wants to be in, but it is good to have others to laugh & cry with.[/quote][/box]

[box type=”shadow”][quote]It’s difficult to know where to start to thank you and the Friars for such a momentous weekend—both uplifting and heartbreaking—often happening at the same time… many conflicting emotions.[/quote][/box]

[box type=”shadow”][quote]Please thank the friars for their compassion and understanding.  I think sometimes we make the mistake of thinking that they are removed or sheltered from the troubles of everyday life—and yet many of them have experienced great sadness in their own lives and in the lives of their loved ones.[/quote][/box]

[box type=”shadow”][quote](My husband) and I wanted you all to know how much this ministry has helped us. It feels sad to say that because of the loss of our children that something good like this comes out of it, but isn’t that what we are searching for? Some good or something better than just the grief and loneliness. Some kind of purpose. The candle, the cards, letters, prayers, everything was perfect.[/quote][/box]

[box type=”shadow”][quote]It’s the first time since it happened .. (in 8 years).. that my wife has found any peace at all. Thank you.[/quote][/box]

[box type=”shadow”][quote]This retreat was difficult to do, but I feel as each day passes, I will see a little bit more revealed to me to help me on this journey.  This gave me more peace and comfort than I have found anywhere else.<[/quote][/box]

[box type=”shadow”][quote]I loved it so much.  The only way I can walk this is with my faith.  It was a gift to be allowed to talk about our loss in this spiritual way.  Thank you for this special time.[/quote][/box]

[box type=”shadow”][quote]To all involved:  It is difficult to adequately thank all of you in words for providing such a meaningful retreat.  Although it was heart wrenching at times, it was also very uplifting.  You will all be close to my heart and in my prayers as we enter the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons.  May you be richly blessed.[/quote][/box]

[box type=”shadow”][quote]I want to thank all the friars for welcoming us into their home.  Their love and respect for one another showed the whole weekend.  It just proved blood doesn’t always make a family—because you have the true meaning of family here.  Thank you for giving us a place to grieve with respect.  The pain will become a little softer after this weekend.[/quote][/box]

[box type=”shadow”][quote]My journey is new, but I find that out of all the resources out there, spiritual is the one I get the most from.  This was so renewing for me.  I need to stay focused on the one thing that will get me through this, and that is Jesus.  The fellowship you all brought to this is one of the most important parts of this weekend for me.  As difficult as my future seems without my son, this is what gives me hope that life will become a little bit more bearable.[/quote][/box]

[box type=”shadow”][quote]I leave here with mixed emotions.  I am certain that things will register at different times and help moment by moment to move forward in life.  Or just live life.[/quote][/box]

[box type=”shadow”][quote]You may not fully realize what a wonderful thing it is you are doing to open your home and make a safe place where one can let their guard down, be mad at God, talk incessantly about their child and form a bond with others who have walked in our shoes.[/quote][/box]

[box type=”shadow”][quote]I hope you continue this wonderful program and God Bless all the friars for their friendship, compassion and love.[/quote][/box]

[box type=”shadow”][quote]Once again, we want you all to know that we left this weekend with exactly what we had hoped for –  strength, wisdom and just a little more Peace.[/quote][/box]

[box type=”shadow”][quote]Mostly I want to thank you for sharing your home and love with all of us.  Thank you for living the life of Jesus and helping others through your ministries.  God bless each and every one of you.  May you always be surrounded by the love you give others.[/quote][/box]