Nearly 200 women and men currently volunteer their time and energy to serve as Lay Ministers in the Worship Ministry at Saint Anthony Shrine & Ministry Center.  Since the Lay Ministry’s beginnings more than 30 years ago, the Shrine has been blessed by the energy and commitment of thousands of people who have heard God’s call to serve the faithful who worship at Saint Anthony Shrine by assisting the ordained Franciscans in their sacramental duties.

Fifty Masses (Mass Schedule) are regularly celebrated every week at Saint Anthony Shrine & Ministry Center, in addition to many other devotions and prayer services (More Worship). Lay ministers fill the roles of Lectors and Eucharistic Ministers at Mass.

The Lector—more formerly known as “Extraordinary Minister of the Word” — proclaims the Scripture readings at the Mass. The Eucharistic Minister –“Extraordinary Minister of the Eurcharist”—assists the presider in the distribution of Holy Communion at Mass.  Lay Worship Ministers provide additional support to the Friars as needed at other liturgical services, such distribution of ashes on Ash Wednesday. Both Lectors and Euchristics ministers are commissioned after initial training into the Ministry.

The Lay Ministry at the Shrine reflects the richness and diversity of the Catholic community in Boston. Volunteer ministers are natives of the United States, as well as from South and Latin America, South and East Asia, Africa, and Europe.

If you are hearing God’s call to serve in active ministry, consider serving as a member of the Worship Ministry at the Shrine.  For more information about volunteering as Lay Minister, or to learn more about volunteer opportunities in the many other ministries at the Shrine (Ministries), contact  Julie Ogden, Director of Volunteers at 617-542-6442, extension 146.