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New Beginnings Support Group

New beginnings is a support group for people who have been sexually abused.

Who we are

  • New beginnings is a support group for people who have been sexually abused.
  • We are men and women of all ages who are committed to actively pursuing our own recovery and healing, in a supportive community with others of similar histories.
  • We are adults who welcome people of any gender, identity or sexual orientation and people from any faith or non-faith background.
  • Although the meeting is facilitated by a peer counselor, everyone in our group has an equal voice.

Why we are here

  • We formed a shared need to pursue healthy relationship with our past, and use it as a springboard for a happier, more empowered future.
  • Fostering mutual support for each other, we engender a new source of resilience.

Where we meet

  • We meet monthly in a conference room at St. Anthony’s Shrine in Boston.
  • Although we meet in a Catholic Church, we are non-denominational and non-sectarian.

What New Beginnings Is

We are safe. We have created an environment that is confidential, compassionate, and pressure-free. Group members are invited – but not required – to share their own experience and recovery, as well as listen to and benefit from others on the same path.

We Are Community Our regular meetings reduce isolation by offering peer support from friends. We provide empathy and healthy validation to those needing to express a difficult truth, and we bear witness to our shared humanity.

What New Beginnings Is Not

We are not therapy

We cannot take place of a licensed professional counselor. But we can offer and important support in anyone’s healing journey.

We are not a Social Club – Our Focus is supporting each other in healing from sexual trauma. Within the group, we keep banter and socializing to a minimum. Outside the group, we do not encourage exclusive partnerships with each other.

We are not a religious group – We promote no religious agenda.

To see if we are the next step for you, we’d be happy to talk with you by phone or in person to answer any questions.

For More information, please email : [email protected]