It seems like only yesterday I was finding my way around the building and desperately trying to remember all of the information I had been told on orientation day. Since then, I have really enjoyed discovering some of the many special aspects of the Shrine.

One part of my internship was devoted to working up in the offices with Father Ronald, Bother Daniel, and the other intern, Kathryn Chaney. One may consider office work to be very boring but here at the Shrine things are never boring. Julie Ogden made it a very good learning experience and the Friars have been so kind and welcoming to me. I really loved chatting with all of them and listening to their stories.

For the other and main part of my internship, I worked with MaryAnn Ponti. I am so thankful to her for letting me shadow her and introduce me into her domain of outreach. From the lovely two ladies that come in on Tuesdays to count money, to the entire crew that gathers to make the Thursday and Saturday Franciscan Food Centers possible, I am so grateful to all of the volunteers for making me feel right at home and showing me the ropes. I had so much fun especially on delivery days and setting up for the Food Centers because of how they made the environment so lively and cheerful.

I am headed back to College of the Holy Cross where I will begin my junior year. I am excited to get back to school but I am very sad to leave the Shrine. I am very blessed to have been a part of this wonderful community.

Written by Anna Lenney; a rising Junior at College of the Holy Cross