Franciscan Friars & Staff of the Shrine

Executive Staff and Friary Leadership

Fr. Tom Conway, OFM

Executive Director

Fr. John Hogan, OFM

Guardian, Franciscan Spiritual Companionship Ministry

Fr. Barry Langley, OFM

Associate Director, Franciscan Spiritual Companionship Ministry, Director of Seniors on Arch Street, Human Resources, Director of Computer Lab

Br. John Maganzini, OFM

Vicar, Franciscan Spiritual Companionship Ministry, Friary Worship

Fr. Richard Flaherty, OFM

Vicar, Franciscan Spiritual Companionship Ministry, Mychal Judge Recovery Center

Franciscan Friars at St. Anthony Shrine

Fr. Rafael Bonanno, OFM

Br. Christopher Coccia, OFM

Fr. Brian Cullinane, OFM

Br. Gregory Day, OFM

Br. Tom Donovan, OFM

Fr. Hugh Hines, OFM

Fr. Khoa Nguyen, OFM

Br. Richard James, OFM

Br. John Jaskowiak, OFM

Fr. Jaques LaPoint, OFM

Br. Anthony (Tony) LoGalbo, OFM

Fr. Emeric Meier, OFM

Br. Daniel Murray, OFM

Special Projects, Franciscan Spiritual Companionship Ministry

Br. Paul O'Keeffe, OFM

Counseling Office

Fr. Damian Park, OFM

Fr. Gene Pistacchio, OFM

Director of Franciscan Spiritual Companionship Ministry

Fr. Joe Quinn, OFM

Director of LGBT, Come Home and Grief Ministries

Fr. C. Raymond Selker, OFM

Fr. Jim Sabak, OFM

Fr. Ronald Stark, OFM


Br. Sebastian Tobin, OFM

Sandel/Leather Shop

Lay Staff

Administrative Staff

Ana Connolly

Latino Ministry

Anthony Andreottola

Fr. Mychal Judge Recovery Center

Ariana Green


Fred Brown


Debra Hawes


Erin Murphy

20’s/30’s Young Adults Ministry

John Kendall

Social Media and Web Content

Grace Lang


Diane Monaghan

Emmaus and Grieving Parents Ministries

Julie Ogden

Managing Director

Mary Ann Ponti

Outreach Programs

Maryanne Rooney-Hegan


Sean Lennon


Friary Staff

Angela Espinoza

Kitchen Cook

Kevin Kieley

Executive Chef

Maribel Gauranda-Loor

Prep Cook

Earl Quinn


Meet The Band

The Arch Street Band

Brandon Martinez


Pieter Struyk


Jeff McAuliffe

Bass Guitarist

Soohee Moon


Mark Emery

Music director, cantor, trumpeter

Michael Giordano



Jerry Battista

Ray Niro

Cordelia Pickney