Intern Insights

Intern Insight – Reflection by Laura Sikora

When I first began my time here at the Shrine in the summertime I soon realized how many lives St. Anthony Shrine touches.  The Friars and lay staff do everything they can to make this place better and better each day.  I began exploring the different ministries and...

October intern Insight

St. Anthony Shrine is a great place to be during the fall.  As the leaves are changing colors so are the decorations at the Shrine.  The weather is getting colder but the hearts here at the Shrine are still as warm as a hot summer's day.  Being in school and working...

Fall intern insight

As summer came to close and all of the interns had to go back to school there were a couple of us who are continuing our internship through the fall.  Overall my summer experience at St. Anthony Shrine gave me a lot of experience with walks of every lifestyle.  It’s...

The Latinx Ministry

My name is Kary Suazo and I am a senior at College of the Holy Cross. This past Sunday I was able to start working with the Latinx Ministry here at Saint Anthony Shrine. It was such an amazing experience meeting everyone for the first time. Instead of feeling out of...

20s/30s Retreat!

As my time at the Shrine winds down (I leave tomorrow!), I reflect on the amazing experience I had here, and specifically of recently connecting with our 20s/30s Young Adults Ministry leader, Erin Murphy, with whom I organized and facilitated a retreat on Saturday....

My Experience with Bread on the Common

This past week I helped out with the Bread on the Common ministry. Bread on the Common takes place every second and fourth Wednesday of the month. Mary Ann Ponti, the Director of Outreach at the Shrine, leads about 15 volunteers in providing food to the homeless...

Intern Insights

Being a short week, this week was still filled with so many things to do.  On Tuesday and Wednesday I began editing a promotional video for The Arch Street Band (keep looking for the post to come!)  The video is basically a short video featuring the band and the...

*Bread* on the Common

Being at the Shrine has taught me a number of valuable things already in my short three weeks of being here. Among them all, I must choose the lesson of “St. Anthony’s Bread” as my favorite thus far. This idea manifests itself in the Ministry of Bread on the Common, a...

Meet The Interns

Susanne Duquett

Emmanuel College; Graphic Design and Management

Laura Sikora

Newbury College; Communication, Public Relations and Advertising

Kary Suazo

The College of the Holy Cross; Sociology with a concentration in Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies

Jess Vozella

The College of the Holy Cross; Religious Studies and French

The interns' blog posts represent their personal views and aren't necessarily representative of the views of St. Anthony Shrine or of the friars of Holy Name Province.