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Anti-Racism by Bro. Paul O’Keeffe, OFM


For the past three months our country has been faced with the great challenge of fighting a modern-day plague that is infecting millions, ending the lives of hundreds of thousands, and negatively effecting the lives of just about all of us. That plague is known as Coronavirus, or COVID-19. As if things couldn’t get any

Anti-Racism by Bro. Paul O’Keeffe, OFM2020-06-11T10:58:31-04:00

Keeping Your Faith


Here is a wonderful article written by a writer at the Boston Globe about how religious leaders are keeping their faith throughout the Coronavirus epidemic. https://www.bostonglobe.com/2020/03/24/magazine/how-religious-leaders-are-keeping-faith-during-coronavirus-even-social-distance/ For those would cant read this article because you are not a subscriber of the Boston Globe then here is the PDF version. GlobeStory 'KeepingYourFaith' PDF 3-24-2020

Keeping Your Faith2020-03-25T09:30:05-04:00

Malden Catholic High School Helps With Lazarus Funeral


On Sept. 25, we welcomed the principal and 8 young men from Malden Catholic High School to visit the Shrine and participate in our Lazarus Ministry. Thank you for all your help. https://malden.wickedlocal.com/news/20191015/malden-catholic-high-school-participates-in-lazarus-ministry

Malden Catholic High School Helps With Lazarus Funeral2019-10-16T14:40:21-04:00

The Relics From St. Anthony Of Padua at BACK!


The Franciscan Friars of St. Anthony Shrine invite you to join them in welcoming Relics of Saint Anthony of Padua to Arch Street on Sunday, September 1st.  These relics will be located in the 1st-floor church from 6 AM - 8 PM with a break for the 12 Noon Spanish Mass.  St. Anthony will be

The Relics From St. Anthony Of Padua at BACK!2019-08-27T09:49:24-04:00

St. Anthony’s Feast Day – ‘Bread Day’


These past four weeks at the Shrine have significantly increased my understanding about the dynamics of the city of Boston, and more broadly, the dynamics of the United States in general. As someone who lived on the South Shore of Massachusetts her entire life, I was never aware of the drastic differences in socioeconomic status

St. Anthony’s Feast Day – ‘Bread Day’2019-06-26T11:27:23-04:00

Shrine to host ‘Kids Heathy Minds Initiative’ Lunch


On Monday, June 10 from 12:15-1 PM the Shrine will host a representative from The Franciscan Childrens' Hospital to talk about mental health awareness in Children and adolescents. This event is free to all. Bring your own lunch and learn more. This event is part of the Archdiocese and Franciscan Children's Kids Healthy Minds Initiative. Why Kids?

Shrine to host ‘Kids Heathy Minds Initiative’ Lunch2019-06-04T11:05:27-04:00

Sixth Sunday of Easter – May 26, 2019


Greetings of peace. On Memorial Day, we remember and honor all of those who have sacrificed their lives in service to their country. In the Gospel today, Jesus promises that the Holy Spirit will teach us everything. Are we ready to hear theHoly Spirit? Are we open to change and conversion of heart? Are we

Sixth Sunday of Easter – May 26, 20192019-05-28T15:20:05-04:00

My First Few Days


One word that describes my first week at St. Anthony Shrine is unexpected. I came into work on Wednesday morning, never having been to the Shrine, and was amazed. From the outside, the building looked like every other “normal” building. As I stepped inside, I felt as if I was entering a totally different atmosphere.

My First Few Days2019-05-24T14:24:12-04:00
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