Dear Friends,

Have you ever had the joy of giving someone who is hungry something to eat?
It’s an act, utterly beautiful in its simplicity. Yet it is one of the most powerful ways you touch the lives of the poor through the outreach ministries of St. Anthony Shrine.

I invite you to answer Christ’s call to “Feed my lambs.” Celebrate the Feast of St. Anthony with a gift to St. Anthony’s Bread for the Poor.

St. Anthony is still revered for his kindness and compassion. During the 13th century, he distributed loaves of bread to the starving poor. In this simple act, great hearts like St. Anthony and St. Francis discovered that by giving bread, they actually gave much more …

They became the “bread” of presence … compassion … of God’s love!

Bread relieves suffering and nourishes the body. Bread also symbolizes the nourishment we need from God. Like St. Anthony, our Friars on Arch Street actually become the bread our sisters and brothers so desperately need. Ask yourself:
As I receive nourishing bread and the Bread of Life, how can I become that bread for others?
I humbly invite you to help us “feed” the poor we serve — through prayer, through volunteering of your time and talent, and with a gift to support our mission.

Won’t you help our Friars walk with those most in need on our streets? With your gift, you will truly make a difference.

Please join us to serve the marginalized. Become the bread that our sisters and brothers need. Stand with our Friars as they offer bread for the body and for the soul. As we prepare to celebrate the Feast of St. Anthony, let us pray that he will work small miracles in each of our hearts … that we might carry Christ’s love into the world. With humble gratitude, I am

Sincerely yours in St. Francis,
Fr. Thomas E. Conway, O.F.M. Executive Director
P.S. As you send your urgently needed gift now, please include your intentions. Our Friars will deliver them to the heart of St. Anthony!

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Your gift will transform Hope in to Action. Thank you.