Thank You for Giving Hope for Redemption!

The Hope for Redemption campaign in support of the Juvenile Offenders Counseling Program met our goal!! We received:

124 gifts totaling $11,129!

Thank you to all who gave in support of these men seeking a second chance at life. We received gifts from as far away as Singapore and the UK, and from all across the USA.

If you would still like to donate to this program, please visit our main giving page.

Imagine a mistake you made at 15 years old dictating the entire rest of your life. For people convicted of crimes as juveniles, the road to redemption can be long and treacherous.

In order to be considered for parole, former juvenile offenders must be seeking counseling. However, counseling in the prison system is extremely limited, so they often have to seek outside counseling, which can get expensive.

At St. Anthony Shrine, our Juvenile Offender Counseling Program serves men aged 35-60 who were incarcerated as teenagers and have served 15-30 years in prison. We provide counseling services to help these men navigate the process of obtaining parole, and provide them counseling support upon release. This support has been shown to reduce recidivism and help these men reintegrate into society.

Two participants in our program have been released and completed one year of post-parole counseling. One is a successful musician who was able to buy a house upon release. The other was able to reconnect with family and pick up where he left off. This program works to reconnect men with their communities and reduce the chance of reoffending.

It costs $2,500 per year to support one person in our program. Our goal is to raise $10,000 to support this program and provide a second chance for those who were convicted as juveniles.

Your gift will go toward providing hope for redemption for these men looking to rejoin their communities.

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