The Franciscan Food Center Volunteers

Joyce Lonergan is the director of the Franciscan Food Center and oversees the direction and training of all volunteers.

Volunteers are responsible for all aspects of the Food Center operations, including the delivery and distribution of about 5-10,000 pounds of food each week. Wednesday Volunteers participate in the food delivery while people volunteering on Thursday and Saturday help with food distribution.  We ask all Volunteers to wear "closed-toed shoes" and practical "work clothes".  In addition, for people volunteering on Wednesdays, it is helpful to be able stand for three hours at a time and to comfortably lift 20-30 lbs. 

The Food Center is very grateful for the generosity of its Volunteers.

The Food Center welcomes new Volunteers. People who would like to Volunteer can contact Julie Ogden, the Director of Volunteers for St. Anthony Shrine at 617-542-6440, x 146 or visit our volunteering page for more information.