Food Selection and Choices

The Franciscan Food Center provides food to its members based on generous donations from individuals who are affiliated with or attend St. Anthony Shrine, the Greater Boston Food Bank, The Mayor’s Office and the CEO Council on Hunger, LaVallees Bakery, MultiGrain Bakery, AGAR Supply, Sysco, Fleet Fruit, US Foods, Arrow Paper and Kayem Foods.

Food supplies at the Greater Boston Food Bank come from many sources including USDA-grade food and MEFAP, the Massachusetts Emergency Food Assistance Program.

Members choose their own food from a selection of nutritious foods including meats, eggs, grains, produce, fresh bread and dairy.

Note: the Franciscan Food Center does not review or oversee the food choices of its members or take responsibility for guiding members on food choices or foods to avoid due to food allergies or health issues. Members are solely responsible for the food choices they make.

Shopping Procedure

Members are asked to bring their Member ID with them each time they come.

To begin, we ask Members to sign-in, in order, based on when they arrived at the Food Center. Upon signing-in, each Member is directed to pick-up a shopping cart and proceed to make their food choices.

Food is organized into stations according to food groups. There are about 10-15 food stations each week.

Volunteers are present at each food station to assist members with their shopping and food portions (so that we have enough food for all Members).