The Arch Street Band


The Arch Street Band – a six-piece ensemble – is the music ministry team at St. Anthony Shrine.  Working closely with the Friars, they provide prayerful worship music at weekly music-Masses, Lazarus funerals, feast day Masses, and many other services throughout the year.  Their aim is always to create an atmosphere where a diverse community can assemble as The Body of Christ, and pray together in song.  Some recent visitors to the Shrine captured The Arch Street Band’s ministry goals quite well

(On the page with the Mass schedule the Masses marked with the symbol are music Masses.)

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For more information contact:   [email protected] or, (857) -206-7245

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A visitor to the Shrine
A visitor to the Shrine writes
At first, when I saw guitars and drums, I braced myself. But, [the band] sounded terrific and really prayed along with the congregation. [Their] sound supported the singing, but wasn’t overpowering like a concert. Thank you!”  Carl P.,  FL
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Another visitor to the Shrine
Another visitor to the Shrine writes
I couldn’t believe the singing! I was able to sing out without feeling singled out.”   Karen T., Monroe, OH